Sometimes you want to escape from the daily routine, from the same places and people around you ang got into another adventure, completely different from everything you`ve seen before. My rehab story is an incredible adventure into cultural and religious diversity of Kingdom of Morocco. Experiencing Ramadan and the warmest summer days made an impact to my work and my perception of many things. I want to return to these places again and again - this is my rehab, this is my soul treatment...

Our first place of staying in Morocco in Casablanca with couchserfer Jihane.

Travel to one of the pilgrimage centers in Morocco. The place where the Moroccan Islam started.

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Every new door has opened for us something new and granted us a new experience.

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While discovering Volubulis - the authentic Roman city it was extreemly hot...

+ 42 degrees in Meknes.

Another extreemely hot day in Moroccan mountains. 3 litters of still water per each.

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The view on the market from the cosy cafe on the main square of Marrakech

An abstract from the thoughts how it feels to be a muslim girl.

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a friend of mine who hosted us in Morocco

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She was dreaming to see Morocco since 2013. Now her dream became true.

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