It is winter now and it makes people think of staying in, drinking hot chocolate and watch netflix all day. However, there are some who see opportunity to have a little fun during this season outside instead.

Millennium Park holds an ice rink right in front of the giant bean structure which is open to the public. Everyone from kids to seniors come to the public and either show their master skills in this art or fall over and laugh. Come down to the rink and you’ll find what kind of ice skater you are.

This little man, looks like he is doing it for his first time with his mom teaching him to skate

Yes even ice skating is a great thing to do with your loved one, just make sure you can skate

Even at this young age there is talent in some kids on the rink

Whether you're a child or an adult in your 40s, ice skating is for everyone

This young man was spinning circles around the whole rink for my whole shoot.

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  • Start Date:February 14, 2016

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