Centro de Artes Integrales

In this project, we will see the stories of the people who study and work in the CAI (integrated arts center) in Caracas, Venezuela. The intention is to remember and keep track of all the people, art, plants, etc. Who are or were in this institution.

The CAI is an institution dedicated to the formation of Venezuelan artists, filmmakers, photographers, actors and musicians. The work you see in the picture, belongs to the great plastic artist Carlos Cruz-Diez.

We first introduce the help of CAI, workers who maintain the institution. The person we see is Jose, the manager of maintenance of green areas. For nine years, he has been given the same care, Monday through Friday, from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Jose collaborates with other workers to deal with all kinds of problems that occur daily, individuality and selfishness are not characteristics between CAI workers

Liborio, is the oldest worker in CAI, he´s area is the contruction and repair of infrastructure.

After 15 years, Liborio will retire this year. (He said the same thing last year)

Meet Oscar, he's the worker who prepares the land for construction. (He's the new guy, other workers mess with him a lot)

I now present to you, Leandro (ugly guy on the left) the production manager and Gabriel (a real annoying argentinian) director of the ENC (National Film School) institution that works within the CAI.

Jorge (very good friend of mine) and girl in pink shirt (Jorge must hooke me up with her) act in a short film where jorge signed something, tells a joke, the girl laughs .... BLAH BLAH ...and have sex ... very original.

This beauty is called (I do not remember) but it was my first job as a director of photography, I wanted to recreate the painting by Vermeer, Girl With A Pearl Earring. You can find other photos on my facebook account.

She is Lupe, Lupe wants to be a veterinarian, told her if she could put a sad face, she said no, I said Lupe, imagine that on your first day a puppy dies on your arms... Lupe laughed.

About this project

  • Category:Photography, Photography
  • Location:Caracas, Sucre, Miranda, Venezuela
  • Start Date:February 13, 2016
  • Status:Active

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