Here are some of the weddings I have done in the past. I had such a great time meeting these wonderful people.

This photo says it all.One of the sweetest couple I had the chance to work with.

Taken from David and Jenny Rose's Wedding. With all the commotions in preparation of the event, I was lucky to caught a glimpse of this decorative hidden above the divider.

A lot has happened during this pictorial. Thankfully we're safe and manage to continue this shoot.

While driving around from one location to another, a thought suddenly occurred to me to stop the car and had my couple pose in the road. Thankfully they accepted and everything were great memories after that.

I had so much fun with these guys. The reception was a challenge for me because of the poor lighting conditions but everything went well.

One of the beautiful tourist spots in the island. Most of my clients would request to have a part of their pictorial taken here.This place never fails to amaze me every time I come here.

Amazing Gown designed by my friend Lito.

A perfect match. I am close with these love birds and all I can say is wow.

An embroidered formal shirt worn by the men in our country. Most weddings, the grooms wears Barong instead of a suit.

A very lovely couple. Easy to approach and talk to. Had to pause a couple of times during this pictorial because of the rain.

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